What Is Company Secretary?

Guidelines for Company Secretary

Company secretary is the company’s representative on the legal documentation and to ensure that the company is operating within the law and the policy.

On the aspect of the efficiency of the administration system of the company, the company secretarial services in Malaysia is required to establish proper compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and to ensure the implementation of the Board of Directors’ decisions.

Why do you need company secretary?

  • Company secretary can ensure the security of your company’s legal documentation especially on the unreleased documents and the movement of highly-sensitive information that mainly related to finance, such as accounting, auditing and taxation.
  • Company secretary provide administrative support and guidance to your company’s directors especially on the management of the organisation.
  • By keeping the statutory books and records up to date, the corporate secretarial services are avoiding your company from being incurred penalty up to RM26228.

What can you expect?

We strive in fulfilling your needs and expectations

Service prioritization towards company betterment and efficiency.

Company Records

Proper organization on company statutory register including the member of the company by the company secretary firm in Malaysia, is to officially determine on the ownership of the company and administrative system as the major key in running a successful company.

Company Law

The corporate secretarial services are ensuring every decision or engagement made by the company, is running legally and according to every aspect of the company law.

Corporate Governance

Proper corporate governance is to ensure that the company operates as it should be and protection on the company shareholders interest.

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