What Is Audit & Assurance?

Guidelines for Audit & Assurance

It is compulsory for every organisation to perform an audit process in providing proper objective independent examination, especially on the company’s financial statements.

Audit is important as it gives assurance to the company in knowing the state of their financial in managing their company’s system.

Why do you need it?

  • We do not only do the ledger counting and balancing for you, but as one of the best audit companies in Malaysia, we can act as the auditors for your historical financial statements, both statutory and non-statutory.
  • Our auditors are well-trained and licensed as they are an expert in auditing and assurance services.
  • Proper prevention of fraud on the internal control of the company can be done by the internal audit services.
  • Reducing the various form of risk for the company’s investment

What can you expect?

We strive in fulfilling your needs and expectations

Service prioritization towards company betterment and efficiency.

Internal Auditing

As one of the internal audit companies in Malaysia, we will be performing internal auditing which is important for establishing compliance measurement but also to find how can the Board of Directors (or other similar groups) improve their company’s business.

Internal audit can be vital for a company as it helps a company to evaluate it’s business health and effectiveness of its procedures.

Statutory Auditing

It is mandatory for every company in Malaysia to do annual auditing, where a company hired a company approved auditor from any selected financial audit company in Malaysia to evaluate the company accounting and reporting annually, in accordance of Companies Act Of Malaysia.

The statutory audit then reviews in order to evaluate the accuracy of a company’s financial record.

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