What Is Accounting?

Guidelines for Accounting

In achieving a systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transactions in business, accounting business service is one of the core processes to ensure the company’s proper financial system.

The process of accounting on accumulating the report on financial information specifically on the cash flows, performance and financial position, are being done in reaching any important decision on managing a business.

Why do you need accounting?

  • Keeping track of your financial transaction is crucial as it helps to tell much the health of your company. Hence, as an accounting services company in Malaysia, we will be providing the accounting and bookkeeping service to help your company’s finance in check.
  • Timely financial report at every end of the month, towards systematic auditing and taxation by the end of the year.
  • Monthly payroll management for newly hired and leavers, monthly processing and remittance of payroll deduction to the responsible authorities, year-end revenue report for Inland Revenue Board.

What can you expect?

We strive in fulfilling your needs and expectations

Service prioritization towards company betterment and efficiency.

Prevent from receiving tax penalties & fines

Avoiding your company from being incurred on tax penalties and fines with proper abreast on the tax submission and annual company account report.

Reducing tax liability

Professional accountants from the accounting firm in Malaysia are competent in saving your company’s money and will be able to give proper counsel on the most tax efficient way of running a business.

Removing any tax worries

Company tax filing is complex, and we understand that. By having proper accountants from the best accounting company in Malaysia, in preparing all your needs for the accounting business, it will avoid you from experiencing any tax worries.

Other Services You May Need

We offer a wide range of accounting & audit services for you

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